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I am announcing that I will run as an independent candidate in the Sligo local elections of May 2019. I will seek election in the newly formed Sligo – Drumcliffe electoral area.

Over the last ten years I have worked to enhance Sligo through numerous campaigns, referenda and working with community groups. While I have been proud to work and achieve progress, a focused and community based approach to further enhance our county is needed. Having been approached by a number of people to contest, and with further encouragement from friends and family, I am now announcing my intention to seek election. 

A graduate of Social Care from IT Sligo, my experience working with community groups is a motivation for my candidacy. I have been part of committed communities who have worked together tirelessly to affect change in Sligo. My aspiration is to continue working hard with my community and be a strong voice on the numerous issues that continue to affect the day to day lives of Sligo citizens. 

The same issues have been persistent over the last number of years and have gone largely unchallenged. The lack of investment in housing, broadband, roads, and rural infrastructure continue to be the dominant issues affecting the people of Sligo. In order to further enhance our county, it is vital those selected to be public representatives be unrelenting in their willingness to fight to address these issues. I have learned enormously from my involvement in campaigns such as Save Sligo Libraries, Right2Water and Yes Equality the need to go beyond words and the necessity of community action in order to achieve change. While there certainly are issues, a strength and positivity can be drawn from progress that has been fought for and won. It is my goal to be a strong voice for positive progress on the issues affecting the people of Sligo. 

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