I spoke with Niall Delaney on Ocean FM about the Tesco Strike taking place on Thursday 6th of December. No worker wants to be on strike, especially around the Christmas period. However, when 97% of balloted workers vote to strike then something is fundamentally wrong and Tesco is failing miserably to address it.

Sadly Tesco has placed more of an emphasis on creative writing, spin and PR in order to hide their involvement. The issues that have forced a strike, have been ongoing for many years. Any success that Tesco had found in the Sligo community, has been build on the hard work and dedication of the staff whom many Sligo citizens call our friends and family.

It is important the people of Sligo show support for those striking for modest demands. Don’t Cross The Picket Line on Thursday!

More Info: https://tescoworkers.com/2018/12/02/tesco-workers-in-two-stores-vote-for-strike-ahead-of-christmas/