It is disappointing to note that only 16 houses were built by the local authority in 2018. One of the biggest issues facing Sligo at the moment is housing.

  • Rents are rising, while wages stay the same
  • The housing waiting lists continue to grow
  • Enormous amounts of public money is being spent on short term solutions like HAP & RAS Schemes
  • Those wishing to downsize are finding it difficult to find alternative accomodation such as bungalows.
  • Businesses looking to create jobs here have showed concerns on the lack of housing and high rents, stifling growth in Sligo

Rents are rising while wages stay the same. This has been one of several factors contributing to an enormous wait on the housing list. There has been little focus on building affordable council housing in order to address this issue.

A house to call home is the basic foundation of the life of any citizen. Without the security and safety of a home it can be extremely difficult for anyone to plan into the future. Currently the focus has remained on haemorrhaging taxpayers money on short term schemes such as HAP, RAS etc. This is a waste of resources and money which could be much better utilised being put into building social housing stock, which is the only long term solution to the crisis being currently faced.

An issue specifically facing the Sligo – Drumcliffe area is the need for bungalow housing. I have spoke with a number of people who cannot live in a house or who wish to downsize. However, there is a severe lack of bungalow housing.

I believe it is vital that this be addressed immediately. It is vital for the future of Sligo that a focused programme of building council owned housing stock begins. It sounds basic but it is not the strategy currently being employed. A focus on rebuilding the housing stock will not only ensure the people of Sligo are cared for with a basic necessity, but it creates a space and opportunity for Sligo to grow.