It seems obvious. With rents rising but wages staying the same, few houses being built, hundreds on waiting lists and schemes such as HAP and RAS being used badly as a short term solution to a long term problem it would appear obvious.

Sadly this week during a debate some candidates laughed at my suggestion housing was an issue of huge importance in Sligo. What do you think?

There has been little focus on building affordable council housing in order to address this issue. A house to call home is the basic foundation of the life of any citizen. Without the security and safety of a home it can be extremely difficult for anyone to plan into the future.

At the moment, there has been an over-reliance on wasting money to go into schemes such as HAP, RAS etc which are not long term solutions. This money could be much better used being put into a serious programme of re-building social housing stock, which is the only long term solution to the crisis being currently faced. Homes for people and not for greed, profit or vulture funds.

Another issue facing the Sligo – Drumcliffe area is the need for bungalow housing. There are a number of people who cannot live in a house or wish to downsize, however there is a severe lack of bungalow housing. I believe it is vital that this be addressed immediately for older members of the community, people with disabilities and as mentioned those looking to downsize.