There is no going back to ‘normal’ after this pandemic. The measures below are drawn up by Dr Conor McCabe. They are needed to ensure that workers and businesses get through this crisis, and that the state has the focus going forward to tackle the health, housing, and environmental issues that dominated the recent election.

The measures outlined below are fiscally sound and politically necessary if we are to do anything other than allow a regressive neoliberal ideology use this emergency to further increase inequality, poverty, homelessness, insecurity and unfairness. Surely we aren’t going to allow that to happen again?

We cannot build the future we need unless we plan and fight for it. This document is presented as a contribution towards that wider societal debate and struggle. Read below and please SHARE:

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– Full trade union recognition and right to access
– An end to bogus self-employment
– A single-tier health and nursing home system
– Section 39 workers reclassified as public sector workers
– Childcare as a community service, with workers brought into the public sector
– Major nationwide public housing building programme framed by environmental sustainability
– Public housing only on public land – no more selling off of public land to private developers
– Rent moratorium for affected tenants and debt write-down process for the shutdown period
– Co-living units to be made illegal
– A total and enforced ban on Airbnb from all areas of housing need
– Ban on bulk purchase of housing units by vulture funds
– No cuts to USC, income tax, or Household Charge at this time
– No corporate or business tax breaks
– A roadmap towards PRSI contributions to EU average
– Massive state-sponsored public housing programme
– Banks required to target interest-free loans towards vulnerable sectors and businesses
– Interest free overdraft facilities for affected businesses
– The development of an affordable state sponsored insurance system for business for essential insurance cover
– Commercial rent moratorium with a process for the orderly write down of debt built up as a result of the crisis
– Legislation to ensure credit history is not affected by missed payments during the crisis
– Invest in a Green New Deal and a Just Transition
– Accelerate the rollout of a national retrofitting programme