The West of Ireland has been forgotten. This was made abundantly clear after after the announcement of no senior ministers from County Limerick, to Sligo, right up to Donegal.

The geographical split will leave the entire west of Ireland disenfranchised. The fact no ministries were allocated to the west is an indication of the indifference with which the new government views the West of Ireland. We know already we are ignored; however, it is rarely made this obvious.

During the election in February, there was an appetite from the people for change. Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and The Green party have scrambled together their diminishing support and put together a programme for government that lacks action, vision and lacks the change people wanted.

It is a government of inaction, on the issues affecting our people most. It was disappointing that 3 of the Sligo – Leitrim TD’s voted in favour of this.

There has been widespread dismay at the announcement of a coalition offering more of the same and the blatant overlooking of the west of Ireland. At a time when it would be justified to feel unhappy, it is important the people of Sligo rally to ensure that we get our fair share and do not suffer in silence. We cannot build the future we need unless we plan and fight for it.

Corey Whyte - The Forgotten West

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