Sligo County Council has published notice that the Council will meet in September to consider the Local Property Tax.   The Council notice invites written submissions from members of the public and indicates that councillors may decide to increase the basic rate of Property Tax by 15%, reduce the basic rate by 15% or they may decide not to adjust the basic rate.  

Like many of you, I was shocked to learn that the majority of councillors had voted last year to increase the property tax. This was only weeks after the local elections, when not a single candidate indicated they would vote to increase the tax.

The property tax is unfair, unjust and should be abolished. However, each year local councils have the ability to reduce the property tax by a maximum of 15%. Make your submission below and, as a start, let’s take the opportunity to get the property tax reduced!

UPDATE [19/08/2020 ] The deadline for submissions has now passed. Thank you to everyone who contacted Sligo County Council and councillors to request the maximum 15% reduction. Sligo County Council will now meet in September to decide if it will be increased, kept the same or reduced.

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