Hope Or Austerity? Roadmap For A Better Fairer Ireland After The Pandemic

There is no going back to ‘normal’ after this pandemic. The measures below are drawn up by Dr Conor McCabe. They are needed to ensure that workers and businesses get through this crisis, and that the state has the focus going forward to tackle the health, housing, and environmental issues that dominated the recent election.

Corey Whyte Dail Eireann - Independents 4 Change

Independent – But Not Working Alone

As an Independent candidate I am answerable only to people and not a party. However, that does not mean I will be working alone.

As an Independent I will be working with outstanding Independents 4 Change activists Cllr Declan Bree, Clare Daly TD, Mick Wallace TD,  Joan Collins TD, Catherine Connolly TD and more.

I will continue to work with these activists in order to be a strong Independent voice delivering results on issues affecting Sligo.