Hope Or Austerity? Roadmap For A Better Fairer Ireland After The Pandemic

There is no going back to ‘normal’ after this pandemic. The measures below are drawn up by Dr Conor McCabe. They are needed to ensure that workers and businesses get through this crisis, and that the state has the focus going forward to tackle the health, housing, and environmental issues that dominated the recent election.

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Sligo Waiting Lists For Occupational Therapy Are Shocking

The number of children and adolescents awaiting first-time assessment for occupational therapy in the Sligo-Leitrim area is shocking and abhorrent.

The most recent figures released by the HSE indicate that there are currently in excess of 220 young people on the waiting list in this area with 49 of these on the waiting list for in excess of a year.

Corey Whyte - CUT IN GRANTS FOR ELDERLY AND PEOPLE WITH A DISABILITy savage and unprecedented

Devastating Effect On The Elderly & People With A Disability Due To Massive Reduction In Funding

Last week’s government decision to cut funding for the Housing Adaptation Grants Scheme in Sligo by 12.5% is savage and unprecedented.
This savage and unprecedented cut in funding will have a devastating effect on the elderly and people with a disability.

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What Issues Are Sligo – Drumcliffe Facing? Have Your Opinion Heard

As an Independent candidate I believe it is vital the voices of the community are heard at a local level in order to address important issues across Sligo – Drumcliffe. Please take a few moments to let me know some of the issues that you feel the Sligo – Drumcliffe area is facing.

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I spoke with Niall Delaney on Ocean FM about the Tesco Strike taking place on Thursday 6th of December. No worker wants to be on strike, especially around the Christmas period. However, when 97% of balloted workers vote to strike then something is fundamentally wrong and Tesco is failing miserably to address it.